Welcome to my blog !

Hi, my name is Janet Furnish and I am a student at Central Queensland University. I am in my first year of studying a Bachelor of Digital Media.

My main aim when I finish my degree is to either become an aspiring designer, illustrator, or to be able to pursue a career in the film/television post-production, advertising, and marketing fields.

The main purpose of creating this blog is for educational purposes with the subject I am currently studying, titled Communication in Professional Contexts (COMM11003), and specifically for this course.

After watching the introduction video for this unit, it is clear that this course will be about the basics of communication and  how to appropriately use these methods to communicate to the wider audience.

Partaking in the Communication in Professional Contexts course, I hope to gain further development in different communication concepts and learn a variety of writing skills, researching, referencing and professional language. To also learn to differentiate through audience and channel, and to select appropriate techniques to produce documents that are suitable. During this unit, I believe it is expected of us to develop and further our knowledge and understanding in professional communication skills.

Assessment Due Dates:

  • Assessment #1 Written Essay/Script – 21 April 17
  • Assessment #2 Communication Blog – 19 May 17
  • Assessment #3 Group Report – 5 June 17

Looking forward to sharing my journey with you !



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