Blog 2: Technology and communication

How technology has impacted communication and example of how technology has influenced how you communicate.

Over the years, technology has been today’s necessity and it’s rapidly changing how we communicate. Communication is the exchanging of information through interaction either by speaking, writing or body-language. Eastman, Hayley, Ryan and Maddy (2014) discusses rise of technology communication that has evolved to the point of email, instant-messaging, audio/video calling (phone/skype) and other forms of social media that has diminished verbal communication. It operates as writing, talking and recording the sound, ideas or thoughts and giving pictures, symbol or text to other person (Cenere, P, Gill, R, Lawson, C & Lewis, M 2015). The reason that people would like to communicate together by message is because it requires the use of shorter words and it does not take long time to read, thus improving efficiency. People are comfortable reading and are able to easily understand what is exactly being said. Messages is used widely from children to adults (Cenere et al., 2015).

In many ways technology has greatly impacted and influenced the way I communicate with university lecturers and course co-ordinators by using email, online forums and phone calls.  The concept is effect and more convenient for distance students or students who work full time. Another great use of today’s technology is being able to stream lectures through smartphones, tablets or a computer. Technology has made learning so easy and readily for students, there’s almost no excuse for completing or submitting course work.


Cenere, P., Gill, R., Lawson, C., & Lewis, M., (2015). Communication skills for business professionals. Port Melbourne, Australia: Cambridge University Press

Eastman, Hayley, R.N. Hernandez, and M. French. (2014). Communication Changes with Technology, Social Media. The Daily Universe. Retrieved from




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