Post 3: Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence, also commonly referred as EI or EQ (DiGirolamo, 2016) is an important quality to have, and as well as a valuable skill employers look for. To exercise emotional intelligence is to have ‘a comprehensive understanding of their own emotions and an ability to rapidly assess the emotional state of other members of the team’ (Savel & Munro 2016, p. 105). Dwyer (2016, as cited in Costigan, 2016) asserts that emotional intelligence is having the social awareness and skills to work effectively in different contexts. To exercise emotion intelligence, therefore, is not merely to be aware, but emphatic, to relate, and to adapt.

Daniel Goleman (2006, as cited in Kossen 2013, p. 354) describes key characteristics of emotional intelligence are:

  • Self-awareness– Your emotions and how it impacts others, being able to acknowledge your strengths and weaknesses (Costigan 2016).
  • Self-regulation– The ability to cope with change and deal with problems as they occur.
  • Self-motivation– The ability to persevere, and be self-motivated in trying to achieve goals
  • Empathy– Being able to understand and share the feelings of others (Costigan 2016).

‘Daniel Goleman Introduces Emotional Intelligence’

It is the ‘capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, as well as the ability to effectively manage our feelings as we interact with others’ (Doe, Ndinguri & Phipps 2015, p. 105).


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